Instagram pioneer Gretta Van Riel speaks to Yahoo Finance

Gretta Van Riel interview with Yahoo Finance

The ‘Instagram influencer’ has become a desirable career dream for a large number of people across the world although the amount of people who manage to ascend to the top of this field are few and far between. 

Bruised and bloodied corpses litter the social media landscape of those who once dreamed of quick fortunes by covertly manipulating algorithms on their mobile devices while passive income cascades into their bank accounts like residual streams of liquid from an infinitely rich golden fountain… 

Those dreams descended into nightmares for many as they awoke in a frightful panic realising that their dreams were shattered.

Gretta Van Riel is an Australian entrepreneur who has garnered millions by selling products on Instagram. She began at the age of 22 with just $24 in her bank account at the time. Van Riel managed to navigate successfully though the world of social media partly because she was early to the party. 

“You only need to do a couple of things very well to succeed.” – Gretta Van Riel 

Instagram was started in 2010 by Stanford University graduates Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, they aimed to create a platform to improve the quality of photographs by adding technology to produce filters to create aesthetically pleasing imagery. 

Around 2012 Van Riel noticed that popularity on the platform was beginning to pick up and she managed to build a strategy on how to leverage the platform. 

“The world doesn’t need more products. What it does need is better solutions to existing problems. So rather than asking yourself, ‘what product can I sell? instead ask, what problem can I solve?” – Gretta Van Riel

For an in-depth look at how she did it you can see our feature on Gretta here –

Van Riel reflects on her successes and looks at the future of how she will develop her brands going forward given the successes that she has had so far.

Gretta Van Riel on Yahoo Finance 

Entrepreneur: Gretta Van Riel

Channel: Yahoo Finance Australia

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