The purpose of this platform is to provide valuable information and resource material for entrepreneurs and professionals who work within or own businesses.

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We also provide consulting to solve problems for entrepreneurs and to help them to achieve specific goals.

We do this in 2 ways

  1. We create strategic plans that complement the long-term aims and objectives of an organisation to achieve success.

  1. We break down those strategic objectives into clear tactical goals that can be measured, monitored, and implemented to achieve specific goals, and then we provide the assistance necessary for each organisation to achieve those goals.

If you are interested in working with us then we can arrange a free consultation session / call and we would underwrite the cost of the session for you.

This means that there will be no charge to you in this session until we have decided on exactly how we can improve your situation.

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Anisometric meets series 

In the Anisometric meets series we speak to people who have excelled in their professions and find out more about their journey and how they think in order to obtain what they have achieved.

A few of the previous Anisometric meets guests are:

Katie Kearney (presenter / model / influencer) 

Mia Kang (model / TV host / influencer)

Jordan Carver (model / actress / influencer) 

If you are interested in being featured on the Anisometric meets series then click the button below and give as much information as possible with links to your websites and social media profiles.

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Design, brand and company development 

Within the Anisometric group we also have a creative agency that has the capability to implement the following products and services listed below for our clients.

For entrepreneurs and small companies we concentrate our efforts on start-up solutions for businesses. These solutions are designed to generate as much income as possible for the company as soon as possible to enable sustainability and growth.

The organisation based products and solutions are geared towards larger organisations and they presuppose a certain level of sustainable existing income and revenue that allows the company to be in a stable position. The solutions for organisations are designed to improve productivity of the organisation and implement successful systems to enable higher levels of performance for the company.

The results based products and services concentrate on getting results and measuring how to improve those results, then turn that information into results that generates increased income and improved performance.



  • Simplified business model generation
  • Strategic maps and models
  • Market research
  • Minimum viable product creations
  • Creative services: pitch decks, apps, website & platform creation, marketing, etc.



  • Detailed business model generation
  • Detailed strategic maps and models
  • Company and people development
  • Systems analysis
  • Brand development
  • Creative services: pitch decks, apps, website & platform creation, marketing, etc.



  • Analysing and improving marketing campaigns
  • Income generation and growth
  • Breaking down analytic  data into useful information
  • Creating long-term and short-term measurable targets
  • Constant improvement and innovation



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